Andorra: a campy adventure

After reading three books with rather heavy content for Booking Around the World, I decided it was time for a lighter read. A palate cleanser, if you will.

First off, I was silly in thinking that finding a work of Andorran literature translated into English would be an easy task. Sadly, Catalan is not a language I have chosen to conquer yet, and it happens to be the national language of Andorra, this tiny country in the middle of the Pyrenees, between Spain and France. Continue reading “Andorra: a campy adventure”


One year, one month, and one day ago

I rush frantically into the field house. The parking lot looked pretty full when I rolled into the first empty spot I could find. My hair is still damp from my shower this morning and I had haphazardly applied lipstick in the car using my rearview mirror. Am I going to be late to my own college graduation? This kind of scenario would be a mediocre punchline in the sitcom called my life. After a minor (but major at the time) tiff with my parents earlier this morning about them not caring enough about this day, I really did not need any more drama. As I walk over to my seat, I breathe a quiet sigh of relief. There are other empty spots scattered across the room, which means I’m on time. I blurt out a “Hey, what’s up?” to the guy sitting next to me. I think his name is Jim (or maybe John? Joe?), and he is the same major as me, International Studies. We make some casual small talk. For such a small school you would think we would know each other by senior year, but I did not officially meet him until graduation rehearsal. The other guy that is supposed to be sitting to my other side has not arrived yet. I think we had a class together – one he was often late for as well. Old habits die hard, I guess.

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