Albania: a cerebral tale of war

Hello again!

Can I just express again how thrilled I am to share this journey with you? I may only have an audience of one or two, but my heart is just bursting to share my experience with someone, even if it is just getting my thoughts out in these posts. Not only am I exploring different cultures that I knew little about before, but I am also delving into genres that I had neglected previously as well. Continue reading “Albania: a cerebral tale of war”


Booking Around the World: The List

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This is the list of my book selections for my series, Booking Around the World (more details in that post). I will update this post as I complete the review for each country.

Items marked with (*) indicate books that I have reviewed that were not chosen for this series, but are still relevant to their respective countries.

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Afghanistan: love and light

Hello, dear readers!

I just finished reading the first book for my series, Booking Around the World and am thrilled to share my review.

Even before I truly dove into this challenge, some difficulties are already becoming evident. I had the utmost respect for Ann Morgan before I read through her reviews and selections for A Year of Reading the World, but it grew by a hundredfold after I became aware of all the obstacles that could come with such a challenge. Continue reading “Afghanistan: love and light”